About Us

The vision:

A space where we share, connect, heal, renew and celebrate Indigenous culture.

A place to protect Indigenous practices, languages; and Elders’ wisdom, oral and written teachings among all nations and all our relations.
We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Although we have not yet declared a specific location, we have considered and are looking for feedback on the uses and spaces required for specific purposes which include the following:

  • Located (TBD) on 5-10 Acres of land with a large area near a river and natural setting

  • Facility of 21-30,000 square feet

  • Indoor space to accommodate approximately 300-400 people

  • Outdoor space to accommodate approximately 500-1,000 people

  • Estimated cost is $20M+

The land must hold meaning with capacity and cultural significance to hold ceremonial practices. Our ambition to have the Indigenous Gathering Place located in Calgary.

Check out our Brochure or read our full Business Case published in 2017. 

The Indigenous Gathering Place Society of Calgary, the Elders and Indigenous youth that guide our journey, our seven-member board of directors, and the many volunteers and committee members make up the Gathering Place.

We are a non-profit organization formed in direct response to the call for a reconciled Canada. We respect both Western written protocols and traditional Indigenous ways of knowing and being in all our relations.