There are over 500 places in Calgary devoted culture and spirituality, and not one is specifically intended for Indigenous Peoples to gather. Until now.

Of the Indigenous populations in Calgary, 44% are under 25 years old.
3. City of Calgary Demographics

Alberta has the third largest Indigenous population among other provinces and territories in Canada.
1. Statistics Canada, Population and Demographic Distribution-Aboriginal Statistics at a Glance: 2nd Edition, Pg, 5.

Calgary has the fifth largest urban Indigenous population in Canada.
2. Statistics Canada, Aboriginal Peoples Fact Sheet for Alberta, Pg. 1.

“My dream for Indigenous Gathering Place is one that is filled with children, youth and adult books regarding culture written by Indigenous authors and allies. It will be a good and safe space for sharing, learning and growing.”

“I can smell sage and buffalo hide. I feel a sense of peace but also community children laughing, drums, a voice of an Elder. It needs to come from a real place, where community is part of its creation every step of the way.”

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